Monday, March 23, 2009

William Morris

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William Morris
March 24, 1830-October 3, 1896

Today, as an Arts & Crafts bungalow dweller, I am remembering William Morris, the British writer, designer and artist, for his contributions to the English Arts & Crafts Movement. Morris was also a lover of rabbits, reading Brer Rabbit books with his children and selling the most adorable "Brother Rabbit" wallpaper and textiles.

Brother Rabbit Wallpaper/Fabric, a William Morris Design, is available in other colorways.

William Morris adapted his "Brother Rabbit" wallpaper and fabric design from a 17th Century Italian silk. His firm's designs are still sold today under licenses held by Sanderson and Sons ("Morris & Company" brand) and Liberty of London.

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  1. This older post came up on your LinkWithin and I just had to take a peek as I love all of the fabulous art of William Morris! His love of rabbits has been a pleasure for me to enjoy too! Until now, I had not seen a photo of him...this is great! Glad I found this post...thanks so much and have a beautiful Sunday! Coralie

  2. Thank you for sharing this post on William Morris. I am so happy that he loved rabbits and express it through this wallpaper's design. I have just discoverered your post now but I will come back.