Friday, March 13, 2009

Surprise Blooms

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Three years ago the tree was cut almost to the ground to free a 1920 wire fence that was embedded into the tree's trunk. Tall Husband fed, trimmed and talked to the poor thing. With all his thoughtful care, the tree stump grew into a tall, slender tree, putting on wonderful, pale heart-shaped leaves. And this Spring, to our surprise and delight, it has adorned itself with beautiful buds.

We had no idea that it was a flowering tree. And we are wondering what kind of tree we have. Its buds are like those of the local Redbud tree but our tree has very different leaves. Whatever its name, we are pleased with the sweet surprise of its intensely pink blooms.


  1. Take a leaf and maybe a flower of the tree to a reputable nursery where they have a master gardener,and then you will know. I love when plants come back from the brink of death. It shows nature at its finest.

  2. Good Idea. I know just the man too.

  3. The Verdict: The expert at the local nursery says that the tree is a Redbud. I should have known that!