Friday, March 20, 2009

Musical Bunnies

I was so inspired by Laeriss of A Heart in Provence that I wanted some musical creatures of my own. I love her "Melodious Birds" but this is, after all, the Bunny musical bunnies it must be. A little snippet of Bach; a few bars from a prelude composed by Tall Husband and voila!

A sweet little family of musical bunnies.

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This musical composition is dedicated to Lareiss.
Note: Bunnies were made with recycled items from my office: old manila folders for stiffness; sheet music was scanned and the images were printed on the "good" side of used printer paper.


  1. Quel bonheur de te lire et de voir tes créations. Ces lapins mélodieux sont très charmants et amusants !
    Merci pour cette gentille dédicace, chère Annie ;-)

  2. Those are very cute Annie. Stacey's mom has a lot of bunny fun around her house too. She also has a good handful in her barn. So lately, I see bunnies everywhere and they are pretty cute.

  3. Bernie,
    Thanks for dropping by. Bunnies are fun. Are Stacey's mom's barn bunnies "real?"

  4. I like these. Never seen anything like that before. Really creative. I love bunnies too.

  5. Classics and Country,
    Thanks! I'm so glad you dropped by. I saw your blog and you sure do like bunnies. Love your header. I'm headed back to your blog so I can see more!