Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Alexander

Happy Birthday, Alexander. We wish we could be with you on your special day. We send a greeting with Tintin and Milou because you were the one who introduced us to your favorite characters when you were a small boy living in Paris. When I see those two, I remember the times we hunted, in Paris and later in Brussels, Tintin books and paraphernalia. I treasure the memories of hours spent reading all your Tintin adventures together (rather, your reading to us in French and sometimes in English...after you heard our French!)

We send our love and wish you the best year ever!

P.S. Are you running with the bulls in Spain again this summer?  Don't let us know!
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  1. What a sweet birthday note to your grandson! Thanks for letting everyone enjoy your wonderful memories with him in Paris and in Brussels! I miss having my older grandchildren here for visits more often. Now my older granddaughter is in the Peace Corp and her brother is in Boston. We had such great times when they were younger, always enjoying books and adventures! Enjoy your day! Coralie

  2. Hi Coralie,

    So, you have the same circumstance. Being a grandparent long-distance is so difficult, isn't it? Thanks for sharing that.