Friday, May 8, 2009

Austin's Hotel Saint Cecilia

This over-the-top Victorian bed, sitting casually on a porch and piled with inviting pillows, so says Hotel Saint Cecilia.

My Old Bemer at Hotel Saint Cecilia, snuggled up to the hotel's wonderful classic Citroen.

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When Tall Husband and I were invited to Austin, Texas to cover the Design Within Reach Austin Studio's M+D+F 2009 juried exhibition, we decided to stay at Hotel Saint Cecilia. This seemed fitting, as the famous developer and owner of this hotel, Liz Lambert, was a juror for the M+D+F competition, and my youngest grandchild is the famous Cecilia who holds forth in either English, French, Russian or Spanish.

Hotel Saint Cecilia, named for the patron saint of music and poetry and not my polyglot Cecilia, opened last December after a year-and-a-half renovation of its historic Miller-Crockett Mansion and the addition of studios, bungalows and lap pool. The gardens are exquisite and at night the entire place turns magical when the night lights come on.

The staff at Hotel Saint Cecilia are the best I've seen the world over. They are knowledgeable about the hotel and city. They knew all the designers and architect of the hotel by name and website. Also, when Tall Husband asked about the name of a plant he had seen on the grounds, a staff member found the specimen in question in the hotel's photographic catalog which contained all the plants used in the landscaping.

Here's the part I love: You can shop right in your room! In the bathroom there is a tray of personal products from all over the world, including Austin. And the bar in your room contains all sorts of gourmet items you can purchase to consume there or take home as gifts. In the closet there are spa robes and funky French slippers to purchase. Below, see the French item I could not resist.

If you're travelling to Austin, I recommend Hotel Saint Cecilia. Whether you stay in a suite, studio or one of the bungalows, the experience will be magical.

Seen from our private balcony in Studio 7.

Unique details are everywhere.

The old refurbished mansion as dusk descends.

The pool and bungalows as seen in the distance.

The studios are in the structure on the right, next to the mansion. We were in Studio 7, second floor, left in the photo above.

A view from Studio 7's private balcony at dusk.

The pool at dusk.

Hotel Saint Cecilia at deep dusk. Landscape lighting was installed by Quentin Hughes.

The entrance to Hotel Saint Cecilia in the glow of its neon sign.

The sign says it all.

Hotel Saint Cecilia's bar where you can have a night cap or breakfast the next morning. We loved their continental breakfast with coffee and fresh juice.

And I came away with that bottle of French Cote Bastide's Tilleul Bain.


  1. The Hotel Saint Cecilia is absolutely gorgeous! I really wish I could tolerate the Texas weather because everything looks so damn nice in Texas and all I do when I visit is faint, faint, faint. It's just too hot for me. And it freaks my hair out. Staying indoors does not make for a memorable trip. Sigh.....

  2. Wow - that looks serene, and romantic, and relaxing! Your photos are wonderful.

  3. Pop and Ice: Come in the winter; sometimes it's cooler then. I can sympathize, as I have photosensitivity and have to plan activities in the A.M. for less sun intensity (sunscreen doesn't help.)

    Kelley: Thanks!

  4. My husband had a DS Citroën ( when I had met him ;-)