Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer Flowers

Elderberry blooms, Japanese Honeysuckle and Morning Glory leaves.
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An impromptu bouquet of summer flowers, displayed in an old olive oil bottle, is sustenance for the soul and makes for a happy heart.


  1. Annie,

    What beautiful photographs. Thank you, too, for the Memorial Day post. We take so much for granted and are so amazingly fortunate in our country.

  2. Gorgeous and vividly colorful.

  3. The only thing blooming so far are the weeds - although I potted a petunia this weekend. Hurray, I got my hands in the dirt!

    Perhaps some annual planting in the front of the house when the weather clears a bit.

    And there is something highly noxious in my backyard that I am allergic to. I smell it from one window but can't seem to locate it when I'm outside. Any suggestions?