Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Round Top Community

Last week, on this blog, you saw some historic homes in Round Top, Texas... mecca for antique lovers around the world. We were there on a Monday and this famous, tiny town (population: 77 most days) was closed, subsequently, Tall Husband and I had the place to ourselves.

This is one last look around before we drive out of town on that famous two-lane highway.

Click on each photo to enlarge and to read signs.

Above is Pandora de Balthazar, European Luxury Bedding in Bybee Square.  You can be sure I'll visit there the next time I'm in town!

Here's a quick look around Bybee Square.

And we say Goodbye to Mama Llama, because there is no one else around.
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Here is a must-read article from Ava Living, written by Terri Symington, Brenham resident, designer and author of The Countrypolitan.

Hill Country House Girl is an antiques dealer and author of Hill Country House and writes about all things antique in the Texas Hill Country.


  1. Annie, I love your photos. I first went to Round Top and Winedale many years ago when I was in college at UT. I thought then what a sweet treasure of a place. Over the years I have been to the antique shows and although they are fun, the town itself gets so covered up that I am not sure people really see Round Top - thank for giving us the true picture of the quaint community and great old buildings.

  2. What a charming little place. It looks like it is right out of a movie set. Have they ever filmed a movie there? Location directors take note!

    Tricia - Avolli

  3. I love your photos. Round Top and the surrounding areas are full of charm. Here is a link to a travel article I was requested to write by AVA LIVING about the area, which has links for anyone interested in visiting the Brenham/Round Top area: http://www.avaliving.com/topic.php?tid=25

  4. Hill Country House Girl:

    Thanks. To this posting I just added a link to your blog,as it is a great source for all things Texas Hill Country.

    Tricia: I agree! Movies should be filmed here!

    The Countrypolitan: Thanks for the link to your great article. I just added your link to this post as a must-read article.

  5. Hi Annie,
    Thanks for stopping by. I love hummingbirds though I'm sure of the name of the ones we get here in Ct. In Texas you must get a lot more species of them. Your so lucky!
    I'd love to get to Round Top someday...I have a few friends that I'm sure would tag along.
    Thanks for the tour!!