Wednesday, May 27, 2009

On Cleaning a Front Porch

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This is Tall Husband's Hibiscus at The Bunny Bungalow, with whom I held a conversation.

This past weekend, I gave the bungalow its Spring cleaning, while Tall Husband planted pots of lavender for me and replaced exterior light bulbs with a more economical variety.

Cleaning also includes the front porch. You know, of course, the front porch takes longer to clean, as I must talk to the flowers, meet the neighbors' dogs and children. Then I must salute the driver of the passing Coca Cola truck with my Diet Coke, so that he will honk his air horn in return. Also, there is the visiting cat who is always looking for a vacant lap. Then there is the weather to be discussed with any stranger who happens by. Oh! I forgot to mention there are treasures that must be gathered...a gray dove's feather, prickly balls from the sweet gum tree, tiny acorns from the old oak...

No wonder front porches are so adored.

Cleaning tip: Play anything by Buena Vista Social Club and dance with your broom as your sweep.


  1. Annie, you tickled me with your rendition of "Life on a Porch" - sounds absolutely wonderful! And your hisbiscus is gorgeous! What an amazing color!!!

  2. oops...hibiscus...I really should learn to preview...anyway, it's beautiful!

  3. aren't front porches great...sounds like you really enjoy yours...

  4. Coralie, that typonym is precious: "hisbiscus"
    Those flowers will forever be known by your new name, as they are really "his," Tall Husband's flowers.

    Deb, Thanks for stopping by on the front porch!

  5. What a wonderful story of "front porch sittin'"
    Thank you for sharing.

  6. Wow cleaning a front porch is so much more involved than I had ever imagined...but your process sounds much more enjoyable than just straight forward's nice to stop and smell the "hibiscus" along the way isn't it!

    Tricia - Avolli

  7. I love my front porch, but if I were to hang out there in the morning it would be just me and....just me. I never see anyone except the postman.

    But I do love sitting on the front porch at twilight with some wine and cheese and crackers and pretend my children have grown up and left (oops that was supposed to be inside voice).....

  8. Oh! The little one and I have dance parties to the Buena Vista Social Club on a regular basis! Such great music :-)