Tuesday, May 5, 2009


All the names of the entrants were cut from the printed posting about The Bunny Bungalow Anniversary, then folded.

Next, the names were tossed into my old Chanel cloche, then shaken...not stirred. Tall Husband closed his eyes and drew two names.

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And...those two names are: Laura and Hill Country House Girl. Congratulations on the draw! Please e-mail your mailing addresses to me and I will mail your set of bunny spoons.

Thank all of you for dropping by The Bunny Bungalow Blog and for your sweet words. You have made my first year of blogging a magical adventure, with all your ideas, stories and your shared lives. I so look forward to continuing to read your big stories.


  1. Congratulations winners! I'm envious of your good luck, but happy to be a new Bunny Bungalow reader.

  2. wonderful giveaway.. congrats to the winners!!!

  3. What a surprise! People may think we rigged it since I posted about you! I swear, we didn't - I never win anything! this is so much fun - thanks, Annie! I will send my address to you.

  4. Thank you Miss Annie-
    I am so excited.


    I will email my address.

  5. Congrats to Laura!! I loved the "all things bunny" post! (of course!) ANOTHER thing we have in common--I, too, am/was a speech pathologist in my "former life"! Happy Wednesday! Dana