Thursday, May 28, 2009

Daylily Bud

Daylily bud in the old well at The Bunny Bungalow.

If the earth laughs in flowers, my garden is grinning.


  1. Dear Miss Annie-

    I love my Bunny Bungalow spoons-
    Having a package waiting in the mail when I got home last night was a real treat.

    Thank you so much,


  2. You know, I'm really beginning to hate you. Know what my day lilies are doing? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!! They look like mutant grass mounds. I cannot remember the last time they bloomed! There is a conspiracy between you, Hit40, darsden and The Blue Ridge Gal to wreck any appreciation I have for Michigan with the fact that if I want something to be fucking blooming in my front yard I must BUY it and PLANT it. Every freakin year. So more INDOOR pictures, please. I'm going to start cutting off all the bloggers from the South, oh say, beginning in February. Because I can't take it anymore!

  3. Laura,
    I'm so glad you like the spoons. Thank you so much for dropping by.

    Pop and Ice,
    So, I'll start showing you some of my victim plants. I have only shown the ones that Tall Husband grows. It's a wonder that my children grew into adulthood.

    BTW, I met a landscape designer tonight, he thinks that something in your garden that stinks and gives you allergies could be "stink worm mushrooms." He said they grow in any region and start out looking like tiny white potatoes, then turn into oozing, stinking things that attract flies.

  4. I have seen little mushroom groups sporadically! Just never got near them. *shudder* I will have the next one I see dug up and I'll take a careful whiff from a safe distance. Thanks for the tip!

  5. P.S. I don't hate you. I'm freakin jealous of your garden! It seems like if I don't like a plant it grows madly and the ones I like just sit dormant. Sigh.....