Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Butterfly Bungalow

Our neighbors, across the alley, have been raising Monarch butterflies in a butterfly nursery they got from the local science museum. The nursery has Butterfly Bungalow printed on it, so their bungalow is now known by that name.

Early this morning, Tall Husband found a Monarch Butterfly on the sidewalk. When he bent down to determine if the butterfly were alive, the beautiful insect feebly crawled onto his hand and clung for dear life. That's when Tall Husband called me into the garden.

After a few photos, Tall Husband told me he thought the butterfly was dying. "No! Please put him on the Honeysuckle," I asked. Tall Husband placed his hand near some Honeysuckle blossoms and the Monarch immediately transferred himself to the blossoms. After a moment, he spread his wings and flew high above the Morning-Glory covered fence and disappeared from sight.

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We both agreed that Honeysuckle nectar must be magic elixir for butterflies and that it may have saved the life of a Butterfly Bungalow offspring.


  1. beautiful butterflies....glad you had the honeysuckle ....

  2. Ok, I'm going to investigate cost and try to buy a honeysuckle bush (if they can survive in Michigan) and attract me some more butterflies!

  3. Oh how beautiful. I've been thinking though, is it really Monarch Butterfly season? I thought they came out of their chrysalis in September and then flew to Brazil or some place like that. Maybe its too cold for them right now and the Butterfly Bungalow needs a furnace :-)

    Tricia - Avolli