Friday, May 1, 2009

What Happened to May Day?

When I was a child, May 1st was a serious day for all the children I knew. The night before, we made our own little baskets with what we had at hand, then early the next morning, we filled them with wildflowers or fresh flowers from our gardens. Before school, we set out alone and secretly placed them at the gates or doors of special friends and neighbors.

So, here's a bouquet for you, hanging at your virtual gate. Happy May Day!

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Click on the photos to grow the flowers larger.


  1. I love your May Day flowers...did you know it is also Mother Goose Day? just found out about that today

  2. Mother Goose Day!? How wonderful!

  3. I remember doing this as a kid too, it is sad that it isn't done anymore. What I loved about living in France was the neat tradition of the good luck gesture with the lily of the valley. I remember going to restaurants on the 1st of May and getting a sprig of it. You could also buy little pots of them for next to nothing,and in the States, they are quite price!
    Happy May day to you!

  4. Why thank you for the flowers :-)

    When I was growing in Hawaii, May day was a really big deal. We would have school celebrations and dancing ... even a May pole. I never experienced that back her on the mainland. I wonder why?

    PS: What a sweet tradition of leaving flowers for ones neighbors. I might have to bring that one back to my block next year!