Friday, August 28, 2009

Cloche Call

The small Cloche was recently found at EPO (Electronic Parts Outlet...of all places) here in Houston for $4.99! The taller cloche was found at Beadboard UpCountry in Brenham, Texas.

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The wonderful reproduction milk bottle by the French company Comptoir de Famille is also from Beadboard UpCountry and is a recent find.

My favorite time of day is early morning, just as our day begins. In the pale morning light, with a hot cup of coffee in hand, anything seems possible...the world is mine. I sip my coffee and chat with Tall Husband, either in bed or on the front porch, about what the day may bring. Tall Husband wants plans and schedules, but I again remember that no matter how we plan, the day will be what it wishes to be. So, I shiver and wonder what stories this day will bring to us.

What's your favorite time of day?


  1. The cloches both look terrific. They are so useful and add a lovely look to the table or sideboard. Cheese anyone?
    I also love the very early quiet morning!

  2. Hey sweetie!

    Now I know you need to make a trip out to the Yaya! I carry several of those vendors....and items direct from Europe. I will have a "cold one" waitin' for ya! :)


  3. Favorite time of the day would have to be morning. I have never been a morning person,but lately, I really enjoy that fresh air and all the little birdies out and about. I think I'm still a night owl at heart though :)
    Thanks for the Comptoire link. I loved buying stuff from their boutiques in Paris, and only a handful of shops here in the States carry their stuff. I love the furniture they have,and wish that someone would sell it here!

  4. Hi Annie!
    Glad you are enjoying your glass!!! Peter keeps saying if you call the number in France on the milk bottle someone might even answer!!!
    We love Comptoir de Famille, glad you do too!!!!

  5. I would probably have to say early morning as I am definitely more a "morning person" than any other time of the day kind of person. The promise of adventure lies before us as night goes quietly on its way and day breaks. What will happen today?

    I want to also thank you so much for your kind comment on my friend Lynda's untimely passing. (It seems she told no one that she had terminal cancer so it was a devastating shock to all.) I appreciated your visit, especially today. Blessings to you and yours, Coralie

  6. Morning! I definitely am a morning person. Have my best ideas hit me then. I'm too tired at night to think up much. I hate the plans and schedules too. I like my day wide open and full of possibilities!

  7. Annie, you have so well described my favorite time of day... I love the mornings I can spend at home... especially when my Ricky is home to spend it with me... drinking coffee on the front porch and enjoying the beauty of the countryside.

  8. I have two favorite times of the day: first thing in the morning when the sun has come up and there is a crispness in the air (like today), and at the very end of the day when it is finally time to get into my very comfy bed...oh that is the best feeling.

    My best,