Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fly Me to the Moon

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Painting, The Prodigal Dress, is by Linda Hofheinz; Photo of the painting is by Annie.

It was our first trip together and we were flying to Paris. We had just eaten and had champagne before settling back in our seats to listen to music through the airline headsets. I was listening to the French music channel, enjoying an old Edith Piaf tune when suddenly her song was interrupted by a male voice, speaking English with a heavy French accent. What that voice said, I cannot repeat here; suffice it to say, that he wanted to do all sorts of things with me.

I was so startled, I took off the earphones and thrust them at Tall Husband, explaining, "Some Frenchman is talking trash to me---listen." Then I looked around the cabin for the culprit.

It was then that I noticed Tall Husband had the business end of the earphones to his mouth and was using it as a microphone...he was my French trash talker.

Who said engineers aren't fun?

Technical Note: Tall Husband says that the trick with the earphones no longer works, as the old earphones were air-tube coupled and the newer earphones are hardwired.


  1. Agghh! I love it!

    Husbands can be so delightfully wretched<3

  2. I like that picture!and your story too.Please take a look at this blog as I thought of you and shoes