Monday, August 3, 2009

White Linen Night in Houston Heights

The old Heights Theater showed off its magical neon lights for White Linen Night.

White Linen Night in the Houston Heights is a big deal in this tiny town in the Big City. So, as dusk began to fall, along with the heat of the day, Tall Husband and I headed for the Houston Heights historic downtown for the celebration.

This is our third year to experience White Linen Night and we are here to attest: this year's attendance outdid all the others. The sidewalks, streets and stores were packed with a wonderful melange of happy people.

We dove into our favorite shop, Behind The Garden Gate, on 19th Street. With Smith & Hawken closing its doors nationwide, this is everyone's go to place for all things wonderful for the home and garden. Besides, they also do weddings and other special occasions.

Felix Hernandez, owner and designer at Behind the Garden Gate, keeps the place filled with his wonderful flowers and antiques for the house or garden. The Bungalow is filled with his lavender, in antique bags and in small bouquets.

He has a great collection of unique, primitive wood and metal accessories, like the antique industrial scale, bucket and basket, above.

I've got my eye on that old mirror and some unscented candles.
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Behind the Garden Gate
355 W. 19th Street
Houston, TX 77008
Website to come later.

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  1. Anything that promotes our Heights shops is great. The Christmas holiday is the perfect time to browse and find those quirky gifts you won'r find in the mall.