Wednesday, August 19, 2009

White Wednesday #4

Child's antique British chamber pot.

Replica of an antique stone bunny.

Antique wool baby sweater.
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This White Wednesday is dedicated to the old child in each of us. Who among us doesn't find the antiques of childhood charming?

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  1. One of these days I'll remember to partake in White Wednesday.
    Annie, I love every one of your white contributions, but that chamber pot cracks (pun intended) me up—what a clever way to use it.
    And how neat to see one with its matching lid.

  2. I love that your chamber pot still has it's lid. I bought one years ago (sans lid) & the dealer told me a funny story about the lady he bought it from. She used it to serve eggnog @ Christmas (before she learned what it was) & was so mortified about her blunder that she got rid of it. LOL

  3. So sweet, I love the chamber pot. I have one that is so similar and in great condition, and yes, a lid. I always say, find out what something was used for before you display it...I'm sure the eggnog was really good anyway! LOL

  4. Love the little sweater, it looks so cozy :)

  5. Marysol: Love your cute pun!

    Cami: That's a great story about the eggnog in the chamber pot.

    Common ground: Congratulations on finding one with a lid. And I agree, the eggnog was probably just fine, especially after seconds.

    Elizabeth: Thanks...that tiny sweater is sweet.

  6. That vintage sweater is darling! Blessings... Polly

  7. Hi Annie,
    What lovely pictures. That bunny is the cutest. What is is made out of? A where did you get it.? I love it. Thank you for sharing and for your visit at A Petite Cottage. Please come back anytime. Have a wonderful day!


    Love your bungalow!

  8. Polly of French Cupboard: Thanks!

    Ana: Thanks! The bunny is of cast stone with brown glass eyes. I found him at Adkins Antiques here in Houston.