Monday, August 24, 2009

Surprises: Garden Variety

We had been watching the plant for more than three years. It had luxurious leaves that came out each spring and lasted through the summer, except that second summer when a substitute gardener mowed them down. This summer, all the leaves withered and died. Then surprise: this week, one lone stalk appeared out of the bald ground...pale pink flowers began to show their faces! Tall Husband discovered the blooms early Saturday morning.

Another surprise: we have raised jasmine for years and these are the first beans we have ever seen.

And this Hydrangea is supposed to be white!

Who would have thought that I could bring Lavender to bloom in Texas! Me...Annie Brown Thumb (So it's only one scraggly bloom but for me that's a miracle.)

And this sweet surprise visitor watched the photo shoot from a safe distance while a resident squirrel pelted my head with huge green pecans, as payback for invading his turf.
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  1. this was good to read!wonderful photos!Have a nice day.

  2. Your pictures are lovely...sigh. I have so much to learn about photography. A good camera would probably help! :)

  3. Wonderful photographs! Are those "naked ladies" {the Lillies?}

  4. Lidy, Thank you! I Googled "Naked Lady" and you are correct. What strange plants...they are supposed to loose their leaves before they bloom, according to the information I found. So strange!

  5. Annie... wonderful photos... brown thumb Annie huh? Looks like you'll have to change your moniker!

  6. Annie: Surprises in the garden just thrill me. It seems like a gift out of the blue - a little miracle. Thanks for sharing yours.

    Thank you, too, for the lovely experience you recount in a comment left on my blog.