Friday, August 28, 2009

You Might Think These Are Pecans

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These appear to be Texas pecans, still in their green husks, don't you think? The squirrels living in our pecan trees believe that they are really weapons this time of year...a time when these nuts are at their heaviest. One male squirrel at the bungalow is always right on target. The target? My head or the neighbor cat. The first time one of these babies hit my head, I thought someone was throwing rocks.

Well, this is war...I'm getting suited up. I'm off to search the Internet for a pith helmet! Kitty's on her own.


  1. Not only this, but our squirels chew them up, and leave the sharp shells covering the side walk like broken glass to bare feet!!!

    Do you remember the scene in Steel Magnolias where the husband keeps shooting so the birds go away? The bebe gun is looking pretty good to me these days!
    xxx kim

  2. Our shelties keep the squirrels at bay.

    Those pecans look dangerous! I'll bet they will be yummy in pies and rolls this fall, though.

  3. You are so funny. My dog, Buddy, watches the back door for a squirrel sighting and then goes crazy to be let out to chase them. Of course, he can never catch them, but he is relentless! Good think they are not throwing pecans at him!

  4. Too funny! I can truly picture you and kitty with your pith helmets on! We have walnut trees in our yard and it is odd to hear them falling on the ground with resoundingly dramatic thuds! Really kind of nutty, don't you think?

  5. My mother was always a crack shot with the B-B gun when it came to grackles. But, I don't think she ever tackled a squirrel! Good luck!
    Carol Wood

  6. You have some mean squirrels! I miss having pecan trees in my backyard. Good luck with the pith helmet search. You should post pics for fun. ;)


  7. I understand squirrels and flying objects, so good luck in your war on them in your pith helment search.

    Happy Weekend.