Saturday, August 22, 2009

Other People's Trash

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The Bunny Bungalow is located on a corner and seems to attract an unusual assortment of trash. This is a note I found in the grass when Tall Husband and I were picking up OPT (other people's trash) last weekend (click on the photo to read.) Some other trash we have found: a pile of raw of which had a human bite taken from it; half empty Thunderbird bottles; evidence of Golden Arches picnics; a huge pile of crawfish shells with empty beer bottles nearby...a cocktail party and we weren't invited?

When our neighbors go for their daily walks, they take bags with them and pick up trash along the way. So do we. It seems that it takes three-fourths of us to pick up after the other one-fourth. So, to you one-fourthers: if you are bent on leaving trash around the neighborhood, please make it as entertaining as the above note.

And Peaches, I hope your mother reads this!

Note Reads: "Come to Big Mary's Hotel ask for peaches paid $300 already 2525 Trade Rd."


  1. Pretty funny. I always wonder what a person looks like and how they live when I see them throw out trash. I'm a real fan of the ditched dirty diaper. Any of those? Yuk. LOL

  2. When I was younger walking in Bergen town,a man offered me 300 kr.I did not understand at all what he meant.A little farther down it hit me!Then I got mad at the low price offered!
    I like the note!

  3. What a funny not, and a shame that people are such animals sometimes!

  4. Wow! Your trash is WAY more interesting than the candy wrappers and cheeto bags I find from living across from the school.

  5. Peaches! My word! Leaving it all out there on paper! I wish the trash I find on my corner lot was as interesting. There's a bank going up across the street, and those boys just let their trash blow in this direction. I sure wish someone would introduce them to the trash can.

  6. Oh wouldn't you like to be a fly on that wall or...maybe not! Too funny.

  7. Hilarious note! We're also a neighborhood of bag-carrying walkers. Nothing aggravates me more than seeing someone toss or drop litter--anywhere, but especially in the neighborhood. Shame, shame!

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