Wednesday, August 26, 2009

White Wednesday #5

The life-size marble sculpture is by Lance Letscher...his four-year-old daughter was his model.

A casting of an ancient piece of sculpture...found at Astier de Villatte in Paris.

The Star Fish is actually a resin casting from Pottery Barn.

The Sea Biscuit is a treasure from my daughter.
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This White Wednesday's theme is Hard Whites found around the house.

White Wednesday is hosted by Faded Charm Cottage, where you'll find links to more white stuff.


  1. Beautiful images, and the little child's feet are precious!

  2. These are lovely pieces! The little girls feet and shoes, the adult foot in a sandal, the starfish and seabiscuit are wonderful expressions of things in white...thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful White Wednesday!


  3. I am dying here over Lance's sculpture - how beautiful.

  4. I'm loving your white Wednesdays! I'm a big fan of white:)

  5. The sea biscuits are my favorites. Love em.

  6. Hi Annie! Your pictures made my day.

  7. I love a bungalow! Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Hi Annie,
    I love all the hard whites you are showing in this post. Beautiful feet in marble.

  9. I think I'm in love with the sea biscuit!

    I just caught up on your recent posts.....your garden photos were great, especially the kitty keeping watch!!! I also enjoyed "the note" you found on your lawn. Did you check out the hotel? Gads!!!

    We used to live on the corner of a busy intersection...I was constantly picking up trash. We found mainly cans and bottles and it used to make me furious. However, the day I walked out and found a broken beer bottle on my drive just about did me in!! Some "dear soul" had hurled it out of their car window as they flew by. We found glass chunks in our grass for a long time. I don't get it.

    I am so glad we don't have that issue at our new spot.....yet!

    Have a great weekend!!! Dana