Friday, October 3, 2008

An Adorable Book

Bunny Bungalow by Cynthia Rylant with illustrations by Nancy Hayashi
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No bungalow dweller should be without this wonderful book. Whether you live in a bungalow or wish you did; whether your kids are young or old, you should have this book. It is written in a pleasant rhyme and the entire bunny family is sweet. The author and illustrator have imbued the pages with the ambiance you wish every home could have.

After we bought "Toad Hall" and renamed it "The Bunny Bungalow," I Googled our new name for the bungalow and found this book. Now it is always at the ready, just in case someone needs a cup of chamomile tea and a good story.

As most parents know, you can raise and educate children with
the three B's: bubbles, balls and books. And this book is so engaging it should be one of your B's. Don't be home with out it.


  1. I love what you said about raising your kids with the three "B's" We did that with our girls and I'm glad we did. bubbles in the summer, books everyday and of course balls :) Blocks are another good B activity. I think parents don't get that today, nor did they when I raised my daughters.
    Very cute book, I'll have to go and check that one out for a friend of mine.

  2. I have to have this book! I am a great lover of bunnies and have a collection. Also, you need to add one more 'B' to your list, blocks. I had a set of very simple colored blocks that my kids spent hours with clear up to grade school age.

  3. Hi,
    How did I ever forget about blocks!? Thanks to you both for reminding me.