Friday, October 10, 2008

Melt My Heart!

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I just clicked onto Beadboard UpCountry (Brenham, Texas) and found that they have a new entry to their website. I remember the last time that I was there, Maryanne showed me this knock-out photo she had taken of that little settee before it was delivered to a client. If you look closely, you can find the reflection of the gorgeous photographer (Maryanne.)

Maryanne, love your photo. It captures the ambiance of your shop to a "B."


  1. Hi Annie!
    As we continue to enjoy your blog,I was surprised to see our new Website page on it. We are glad you like it. Some one actually suggested and also redid the picture after tweaking it to remove the reflection on me in the glass door. Peter and I decided to leave it as is "a la Hitchcock..." Glad you "got" it...

  2. I wouldn't mind moving into that store!! Lucky person who bought that settee, simply gorgeous!