Friday, October 17, 2008

Hip in the Heights

A judicious shot of red to contrast with old woods, metals, glass and creamy textures is so hip.

Antique, primitive and vintage mingle: so hip.

Aaron Rambo of Found, so hip: his home was recently featured in the new Paper City book, Domestic Art: Curated Interiors. In the background is Mary Daly of Fabulous Flea, a place to find fabulous French antiques...Très branche (hip.)

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These vignettes feel like warm cream with hits of ancient metal; also hip.

Last night, Tall Husband and I jumped into his little Z-4 Bemer and headed out to learn what makes Houston Heights hip. So naturally, we pulled up to ground zero of all things cool and hip, a party at Installations Antiques, Jur and Becki van der Oord's place.

When you walk into this place, you know you're at the hub of all things hip. How did this occur? The Heights was once known as a hippie haven. One woman told us, "Oh, we're still hippies, we just have more money and taste now." As she walked away, I could still see the flower child in the way she carried herself.

We mingled and moved in and out of conversations. We let the atmosphere envelop us. The gentle fragrance of scented candles intoxicated us, as did the conversations. Then it hit me: The Heights is so hip because it draws people to it who are not into being hip; they just hold on to what is old and dear from the past: friends, things, ideas; then add to that mix only what makes sense.

Note: Carolina Eclectic of the hip eponymous blog was also at this party. So good to see you again, Carolina!

Also Note: To capture the atmosphere of the soft lighting, to include candle light, camera shots were done sans flash.
Working without a flash is also less startling to party goers.


  1. Your description of Heights denizens is so perfect. That is exactly why we sought to live here. We consider it a luxury in these parts to live amongst people who think so progressively (for the most part)!

  2. Hi,

    I enjoyed reading your post. I love the heights, my husband and I used to live on Highland. Luckily we still get to visit since our daughter now lives in the heights. I am happy I found you blog via Belgian Pearls -- I look forward to reading more.

    Susan, Love Where You Live