Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bag Lady

Oh, merci, Tall Husband!

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These bags are only a small sample of my collection. I hang the surplus neatly in a closet.

My worst fear has come true...I'm a bag lady! I cannot throw away a bag. And why should I? Some of the best designers in the world design bags for big names in the luxury goods industry. Even my paper grocery bags are wonderful and I use them to schlep things between houses, preferring them to a suitcase. A Tiffany's bag is great to carry lunch in. A Cartier bag lends panache to a door knob. The tiny Chanel bag holds my pencils or a small jar of fresh flowers on my desk. I love bags!

Are you a bag person too?

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  1. Yes! I too am a bag lady. Most of the French bags are so beautiful aren't they? I still have my Cartier bag and a few little Tiffany bags lying around. I also have some from my favorite perfume place in Paris, Annick Gutal. It is really hard to toss those out.

  2. I did not know there were other bag ladies in the world! Even if you are on the other side of the pond. =)

    My husband-to-be, for whose sake I will move across the pond to Houston and beyond, wonders what the point of buying me nice bags is, if I insist on carrying everything from books to letters to my lunch in these paper bags - to which I point out sweetly that I carry both when stepping out of the house.

    Glad to stumble into the bunny bungalow!

  3. Hello fellow Bag Ladies,

    Thanks for dropping in. Elizabeth, I love Annick Gutal perfume.

    Persis, a big Texas "Welcome" to you. I know you will find Houston interesting.

  4. Even the smallest stores in Europe have the most beautiful bags into which they place your purchases. Pastries are placed into boxes and then wrapped with wonderful ribbons. We are slowly catching up and realizing that it's not what goes in the bag that is important but the bag itself! My new favorite is the bag from Central Market and the lovely story is tells on the side.

  5. Linda, I'm looking for my Central Market bag after I finish this comment! And read I'll read the story on the bag. I missed that one.