Sunday, October 19, 2008

Update on "Warning this is Not a Pretty Site"

This is an update on the response to Warning:This is Not a Pretty Site: several local blogs picked up and posted the story with my photos; formal complaints were filed with the Neighborhood Protection Corps (NPC) and the Houston Police Department; neighbors stepped up their civic action and as you can see (above) the City of Houston NPC issued a Violation Notice.

The grass has been cut.

The piles of debris and garbage have been removed from the rear of the property.

However, the garbage and debris were merely consolidated into a large pile on the North side of the property.

The buildings are still unsecured. Neighbors report that vagrants are still seen entering and leaving the property. One parent reported that inside one of the houses, a chair is situated so that whoever is seated in that chair has a view of her backyard where her children play. Also she noted that a pornographic magazine was next to the chair. I think this should concern any parent.

A reliable City source states that the owner and contractor have "failed to bring their permits to code standards and as a result nine citations were issued." This source further stated that "the process for abatement to tear these locations down has begun."

Note: These photos were taken this morning, October 19, 2008.

In Houston, Texas: to report a dangerous building, like these above, call 311 or click here: Neighborhood Protection Corps for on-line reporting.
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  1. Yikes! That's frightening! I hope someone who can afford to finish those buildings buys them and some nice families move in. Otherwise, tear 'em down and make a park there.

  2. Tagged ya over on my blog...