Thursday, October 2, 2008

For Saara

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Saara, Happy Birthday!

You have expanded my world with your intellectual pursuits and given me so much happiness. Thank you for being in my life and making it so interesting. May this birthday bring you happy surprises.

Note: Saara is a great friend; gourmet cook, organizer extraordinaire; has the business head of a mogul; is a lover of literature and cinema; a wise and caring teacher to small children; speaks several languages; is a talented stylist for photo shoots; is attentive to family, near and extended; is a fantastic gardener; is an excellent wife and mother of twin daughters; and finds time to be a great daughter-in-law to me.


  1. You are truly blessed to find such a good friend in your daughter-in-law. My son is just not involved with his first girlfriend. Did you have a hard time deciding if your daughter-in-law was 'good enough' for your son?

  2. Hi Shesue,
    Yes, I am blessed to have such a great daughter-in-law. She and my son were secretly married before we met. Luckily we liked each other and our relationship grew.

    My son and his first "serious" girlfriend met in college. I did meet her and did not care for her. My son, whom I trust to be a judge of good character and bad, broke up with her. Later her mother was found guilty of murder for hire, having had a young man murdered for breaking up with her youngest daughter. That could have been my son! It's a famous case here in Texas: Hint: Mom is the wife of a prominent surgeon.

  3. Very nice post for your daughter-in-law. It is always nice when you like the mate of your son or daughter chooses. My son in law is great,and couldn't have asked for a better match for my daughter. They had a whirl wind romance while we were living in France and married three months after they met!! They are still happy and have now been married for 4 years.

    Your story of your son's near miss with hit man sounds so scary!! Yikes!

  4. What beautiful things to say !