Friday, October 24, 2008

Rocks in My Heart

This sweet little book, Everybody Needs a Rock, was in my Cheerios this morning. A kindred soul has found her way to me. Ms. Byrd Baylor, assisted by the charming drawings of Peter Parnall, sets out the rules for choosing a rock. She clearly knows that rocks are really magic and that they must feel just right in one's hand. Which brings me to some of my favorite rocks. (Click on each photo to enlarge and read notations.)

One must have old, interesting containers for rocks. (See the dark rusty thing above, it's not a rock; it is the rusted trigger from a hand gun, found in my backyard. I wonder about the story behind that!)

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The rocks that have been carved into hearts are sweet Valentine gifts from Tall Husband. (Oh, I know that the little French perfume bottle isn't a rock but it feels great in the hand. Besides, it has sentimental value: it belonged to my daughter when she was a student in Paris. If I remove the cap, I can inhale Misha's wild and heady girlhood.)

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