Saturday, April 11, 2009

Antique Show: Texas Style, Part 4

Let's put it into gear and have a last look. Here's great country style at Marburger Farm Antique Show in Round Top, Texas. (I're asking, "What the hell is that?" I have no idea. Don't feel bad, though, Tall Husband didn't know either. He said that he's pretty sure it's not digital! (That's Tall Husband being humorous.)

Some great oak pieces, plus a shabby chic bed to dream in.

How would you like to carry that huge camera around, taking blog photos? (Tall Husband says that he is quite certain that it's not digital!)

Old chest with the odd knob.

There are some interesting pieces those metal mesh masks.

And to think that I threw away all those twigs when I cleaned out the flower beds the other day!

These old wooden commercial crates are lovingly collected and re-purposed by a husband and wife team from Michigan, who have been coming to the Round Top Antique Show for thirty-five years.

One last look at Magnolia Pearl's wonderful world, concludes our visit to the Texas Spring Antique Show in Round Top, Texas. Wasn't that fun?
Note: We went to Found For the Home's display area to meet up with owners, Ruth Davis and Aaron Rambo. However, we found the place bereft of merchandise and two very happy owners. They had sold 75 percent of their things the first day, brought more in and sold that! So, alas, I have no photos of what had been the most beautiful booth at Marburger Farm (Aaron showed me the photos on his Blackberry.)


  1. Annie,

    I have truly enjoyed a peek at the show. Thanks so much for giving us a glimpse as you made your way through the all the displays.


  2. What a fantastic trip! Thanks for sharing all the great pics! Wish I were there! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. How can I get in touch with the owner of that camera?


  4. Ladon,

    I regret that the owner of that wonderful antique camera was not at the booth when I took the photos and there were no business cards on display (last day of show.)

    I just enlarged and looked at my photos on my computer and could not find any identifying tags on other items at this booth.


  5. Would you mind if I use your Magnolia Pearl pic for an upcoming post. I've given you credit of course. Thanks, Theresa