Monday, April 20, 2009

Mercury Design Studio in Austin

Mercury Design Studio in Austin's Second Street District is full of wonderful urban chic for the home; however, it was the edgy items that lured Tall Husband and me...the cabinet of curiosities sort of look.  All over Houston there are signs with the imperative, "Keep Austin weird!" I think that Steve Shuck and Bobby Johns, owners of Mercury, are keeping Austin wild.

Love their humor: mercury water?!

Tall Husband photographed Big Bird, as I wasn't tall enough.

Need a hand?


This is a most unusual catalog of a designer's work. By lifting any small lid, one can view a category of photographs of Barry Jelinski's creations. This is pure adventure!

I feel like this some mornings!

The wonderful coquillage mirror is by Barry Jelinski.

This ethereal construction, using a found bird, is by Steve Shuck.

Here's looking at you, Babe!

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This glass-top, maze coffee table is by Barry Jelinski.

Thanks to Steve Shuck and Bobby Johns, charming and talented owners of Mercury Design Studio, for letting us photograph their wonderful shop.

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  1. Ohmygosh - I absolutely love this! I am going to be in Austin on Wednesday and I think I have to visit! Thanks so much for the preview!