Monday, April 13, 2009

Where the Wild Things Grow

Tiny Pink Lantana

Behind The Bunny Bungalow there is an alley.  When I was a child, alleys were places to be feared.  Neighborhood boys told frightening stories about things they encountered there.  And there was that one summer night, when I was six, that a prowler came from the alley, over our back fence, then attempted to break into our house by cutting the screen of the open window next to my bed.  He was stopped only by my screams.

So when Tall Husband came into the bungalow last Saturday and solemnly announced, "You need to come into the alley with" I thought with dread that he must have found a body. Then he said, "Bring your camera."

"You want me to photograph a dead person!?" I squealed. He ignored me.

Lantana with its green berries

I anxiously followed him into the alley with my camera clenched in my hands, between myself and certain danger.  Then I saw them, flowers growing in wild profusion all around us. The fresh fragrance of the flowers, new grass and moist earth was intoxicating.  My camera clicked away at the magical scene.

Alleys have a different feel for me now.  Some wild things are wonderful.


Thanks to the gardeners at Buchanan's Native Plants in Houston Heights for identifying the Pink Lantana for us.


  1. Annie...what a wonderful story. Behind my childhood home was an alley and every spring it was filled with the branches full of lilacs arching over the walkway. It was magical for a being in a castle of sweet smelling colors of purples and white.
    So glad you will now have good memories...

  2. Pat, I'm so pleased to learn that you had a magical alley too. Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a wonderful alley surprise! (And I loved your story!)

    The alley behind our home was used by all the children of the neighborhood. Each summer evening we'd gather to play "A Riddle, A Riddle, A Hole in the Middle, and Who Should Poke but I." One person was blindfolded and had to guess who poked or stay "It."

    Kick the Can, Run My Good Sheep Run, and Hide and Seek were other alley games we loved to play. Our neighborhood (imagine this) was one where no one locked their doors. Everyone knew everyone else and looked out for them. Those were surely the good old days!

  4. I too remember our alley when I lived in town as a kid. Those very same flowers that you photographed were in our alley, except they were red and yellow. Every time I see them it reminds me of my hometown. I would have to say though that our ally did have an element of scariness though!

  5. Hi Annie,
    Thought you would see it quicker if I answered you here. I bought the wheat grass at Smith and Hawkins last year. It was in a container that looked like a salt shaker. It is the same stuff that you would see at a health food store,that they blend in drinks. I just line any container and put some potting soil in it, dampen it,then sprinkle a good amount on top of the dirt. Don't cover the seeds. The first couple of days, you put a piece of saran wrap on it. Soon as you see it sprouting, then just take the plastic off. It only took a week to get a good length. It is real fun to put in all kinds of containers for an nice display......yes there are endless ideas with it.

  6. I've not had a personal alley experience but could imagine having the same reaction that you had when invited to join your husband in the alley....I never could have imagined that flowers would or could ever grow there.

    Thanks for sharing the pretty pictures.

    Tricia - Avolli