Thursday, April 23, 2009

Vintage...Verging on Antique

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Happy Birthday to Us!

Today is my birthday, which I share with thousands of others, passed and present. Here are a few of my favorites with whom I would love (excuse me Shakespeare: "with whom I should like...") to celebrate:

  • Judy Davis, born in Perth Australia in 1955; actress; for her sheer acting talent and for growing more interesting and beautiful with each year.
  • Shirley Temple, child actress and dancer; 1928 (There, but for the lack of talent, go I.)
  • William Shakespeare, 1564, playwright, died on his birthday 52 years later and left us with questions to ponder, e.g., "To be or not to be?..."
  • Halston, fashion designer; 1932. Hall of Fame in 1972. He taught us that black is the only chic color to throw on or off.
  • Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, 1547; Spanish writer; wrote Don Quixote, inspiring many of us to confront our windmills.
  • Max Planck, German Physicist, 1858; just because Physicists are so damn sexy!
Happy Birthday, Gang! Just imagine the party if we all got together.

Strange Thing: While checking out the new flowers in the garden at My Ranchburger early this morning, I felt compelled to look into the mailbox. No reason to, as I had already gotten the mail yesterday evening and the postal carrier had not made his rounds today. But there in the mail box was a birthday card from my sister. It must have been delivered to the wrong address yesterday and a good neighbor dropped it by...on my birthday.


  1. Happy Birthday Annie. I met you at Becki's and I'm still visiting your lovely and informative blogs frequently. Thanks for sharing with all us blog readers out here. Sam

  2. Happy Happy Birthday! I hope it was fabulous!

  3. Hi Sam,

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. I remember when we met at Becki's Installations Antiques. When are we moving in there? Such a great place.

  4. Hi Manuel,

    It was pretty cool. Ligne Roset Houston invited me to choose a gift. I'll show it on My Ranchburger soon.

  5. Happy Birthday Blog Pal!!! Hope you had a fantastic one!!!

  6. annie-
    happy belated birthday! i was wrapped up in my own birthday...well, yours will be easy to remember next time!

    p.s. love all the flower posts...