Monday, April 6, 2009

A Surprise at The Bunny Bungalow

When we arrived at The Bunny Bungalow, there underneath the mail slot was a most wonderful surprise, a little bunny and her mommy.

Everyone wanted to meet the new arrivals. There was also an envelope addressed to "Annie" in a most wonderful hand. Inside there was a note that said, "Made with love for Annie..." It's from Little One and her Mommy over at Home in the Heights!

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Now, Baby Bunny and Mommy Bunny live at The Bunny Bungalow and blog all day, as you can see. Guess which blog is their favorite! That's right. They love to read about the adventures of Little One and her Mommy and her Daddy.

Thank you, Little One and Mommy, for the wonderful new bunnies!  I shall make certain that they have a happy and interesting home.


  1. Those little bunnies look very happy !

  2. Those are precious bunnies. Are they going to be available on Etsy?