Sunday, April 5, 2009

Morning Glory!

Morning, Glory! Hope you're having a glorious weekend.

Here at the Bunny Bungalow, Tall Husband is planting our Blue Plumbago in the ground (photo above). It has been living in a large pot for two years. Now it will be growing and blooming next to my hammock, under two giant trees.

Well, I've got to go drag my hammock and a stack of magazines outside, as it is a beautiful sunny day in Houston. Can't waste a Blue Plumbago!


  1. Enjoy your springtime. The flowers are gorgeous!

  2. Hi...I was sure I posted on here..but I don't see it.
    You made comment on my story by saying "what a life you have lead!" If you mean losing my two husbands..yes...:) The seven children? Well..yes! :)
    You know how you do on a blue remember started telling it..and thought...I NEED to write about this. I KNOW others have had such things happen to them..but...this was my happening.
    I think when I began blogging..I thought it was like a ...diary. When it is are putting your life out there...:) Thanks for coming by..and WHAT HAPPENED TO MY COMMENT!? :)
    Anyway...really LOVELY flowers. I am just getting started planting..and the heat will be coming soon so I better get it in gear!
    Take care..

  3. Aha!! Visable AFTER approval...EEKKKK...maybe you didn't approve! :)

  4. Hello Mona,
    Your previous comment was on an older posting: "Blooms Around The Bunny Bunglow,"

    I found your style of blog interesting, as I treasure true life stories told well.

  5. Annie, I love the morning glories! In fact, I've loved them since I was a child and have planted them off and on through the years. So beautiful to see yours! Thanks for sharing!