Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm Rich!

I'm rich, for I have a fragrant, antique rose for the kitchen table...

fresh mint for my tea.

And delightful, tiny blooms on the Apple-scented geranium. (Oh, look, someone has had breakfast. See the nip out of the petal on the right?)

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And the richest find of all: a father Mourning Dove, silhouetted against the morning sky, keeping watch over tiny eggs.

You have a great day. And I shall too, for I'm going to have a cup of mint tea while I relish my new-found riches, before I start my day.


  1. Truly you have found the riches of the earth! Love your photos of the flowers and that beautiful dove in the tree! Wonderful!

  2. That's just lovely. I love to hear the cooing doves that live in our tall trees. During the worst of Ike, I watched a pair of doves cling for their lives to a branch of our ancient cedar tree. They were strong and made it through. Thankfully, that tree did too!

  3. Dear Annie,
    It is truly the little blessings that enrich ones life. So glad you enjoy them in your life.

  4. Nice photographs and nice sentiments!