Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fame at Last!

Me, on a cute little car!

Me, at the Centre Pompidou!

Bunny Bungalow signs the world over!

The media love me and my camera!
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I can't believe it! My blog has become famous overnight. Above are examples of this instant success. And to what do I owe this fame? Eating Nutella everyday and hanging out with Tall Husband.

April Fool!!!!

Go here and you too can be instantly famous.  Thanks to Anette at the Swedish Blog Lantlif for the idea.


  1. Oh my gosh, those are amazing!

  2. I was really believing this! Too funny!

  3. But I do like the little car. It is quite cute.

  4. That is too much. I very nearly fell for it too.
    You know, I love Nutella and I have a tall husband; do you suppose things will start happening to me now? [G]

    I recently stumbled onto your wonderful blog, your interests and wit keep me coming back for more. Keep it up.