Monday, January 12, 2009

Bungalow Bathroom Safety

This past weekend, Tall Husband (TH) replaced plumbing in The Bunny Bungalow's master bathroom and I added decorator/safety touches to two bathrooms.

TH replaced two faucets. The new ones are identical to the previous faucets, except that they are in brushed nickel instead of shiny chrome. At this point you might be thinking that we both have an obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD.) Perhaps, but the reason for the change: I was cleaning lavatories with a faucet's pull-out spray head, when it became a pull-off spray head. As we could not find repair parts, we decided on replacement in brushed nickel to match the light fixture which Tall Husband had previously installed. So that meant two faucets, as there are double lavatories in the master bath.

As Garnet Hill had a great sale on Eileen Fisher's sheer linen shower curtains, I ordered three (two for the old clawfoot tub in the guest bathroom, above and below)...

(Five inches had to be trimmed from the bottom of the clear shower liner, so that it would fit inside the clawfoot tub. I saved the magnets for another use.)

...and one for the master bathroom (above.) Behind all the linen curtains are clear shower liners, also from Garnet Hill.

Safety feature: One can see through the curtains while showering. This somewhat mitigates the fear of being suddenly stabbed by Anthony Perkins. Since seeing him stab Janet Leigh as she showered, in the movie Psycho, I haven't been the same.

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