Saturday, January 17, 2009

Update: Vietnam Restaurant

Vietnam Restaurant in the Houston Heights

Our world is set straight again. Danny Luong's popular Vietnam Restaurant in the Houston Heights has re-opened this week. The restaurant is doubled in size and has been redesigned with a sleek minimalist interior : Pale gray, steel, dark woods and white leather. They kept the hip concrete flooring with all its patina. There are also new pieces of art on display, including pieces by artist and gallery owner Dan Mitchell Allison. The food is still wonderful. Tall Husband and I had the spring rolls and the orange beef.

P.S. Tonight, Becki and Jur, proprietors of Installations Antiques were at a table next to ours: They get "honorable mention" here for passing over a dinner knife to Tall Husband so that he could eat his orange beef.


  1. I'm dying for good Vietnamese food. I think Houstonians take their availability and abundance of Vietnamese food for granted. I know I did. Now we live in Georgia and there's only one semi-decent restaurant where we live and I'm constantly DYING for the food I could get anywhere when we lived back home.

  2. I am glad to hear they are open again! I really missed that place while they were renovating.