Thursday, January 29, 2009

My First Wireless

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Here is my first wireless.

Technology intrigues me. To be truthful, it's more than intrigue; I fall in love with each new step we take into the future, whether it be in medicine, math or machinery. I remember the first computer I saw. It was at a university and the noisy contraption occupied an entire large room. I was enthralled! Now Tall Husband sometimes reminds me that the laptop I blog on has more power than that gargantuan machine had.

Observing the way we humans react, interact and change from our contact with new technology is interesting. Our world morphs. Our bodies change (Television has
blimped some of us;) our language changes (OMG and lol); the way we do our jobs changes (from home, in the air, from outer space...) and communication with each other changes (when was the last love letter hand written?)

Seeing a young person encounter old technology is just as wonderful. Take the first time my grandchildren saw the old Underwood typewriter sitting on my desk. "What's it for?" "Where's the plug?" "So is it wireless?"

Each day I awake, I cannot wait to see what new thing is in the world. Yet I realize, no new thing can ever be as beautiful or as inspiring as that old Underwood my father rescued from a hock shop and brought home to me when I was a teenager. For me, it all began there: my dad showed me that technology was the passport to everything.

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