Monday, January 5, 2009

More Than a Thread of Truth

Vintage wooden spools of thread from my days as a young seamstress.
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Henry David Thoreau: "It takes two to speak the truthone to speak and another to hear."

He was a co-worker who disputed anything he happened to hear me utter: "You know that didn't happen!" or "Why do you make up such crap?" Let's call him that was his name.

He may have been anxious because he was having difficulty getting into law school and had to work at our company in the interim. One day I became annoyed with his accusations that I had lied. "You know, Kip, if what I tell you is true, you should be afraid of someone who has such a weird existence; on the other hand, if I fabricate such stories, you should really be afraid of the kind of mind that could do that." Then, "I tell you what, I'm going to a political fundraiser tonight, so you should come with me to see my life closeup."

He accepted the offer and we met at the party. Straightaway, I introduced him to the candidate and his sister. When he saw the young woman, Kip gasped, then informed me that they had dated years before. They seemed glad to see each other and were inseparable that evening. While the two got reacquainted, I happened to meet an influential attorney who, as it turned out, had connections at a good law school. I told him about Kip, and asked for his help.

As a result of that evening, our candidate won; Kip was dating a new old girlfriend and the attorney got him accepted to law school.

Later Kip came by the office for a farewell luncheon. At lunch when he told the story of "that evening" our friends yelled, "Kip, you know that didn't happen! Hey Dude, why do you make up such crap?"

Upon having his own words thrown back at him, Kip just shook his head and admitted that he deserved that and more.


  1. That story made my afternoon! Good one. Life is stranger than fiction for sure!

  2. I'm so glad you liked it. Thanks!