Saturday, January 31, 2009

Simple Saturday

Linen hand towels I embroidered when I was a girl. Don't they look quite like they are in the style of Arts & Crafts?

Today is a simple Saturday, a good day for ironing linens at the bungalow as Tall Husband works at his computer. It's also a perfect winter day for the pot of chili that's simmering on the stove.

Ironing these linen hand towels reminds me of my girlhood. They have been all over the world with me, though they went with nothing we had. I think I was hanging on to them because one day I would have an old bungalow, thus a place for them. And because they are a metaphor for my girlhood.

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Most of our napkins are kept in this old English Arts & Crafts shaving stand in the dining room. The towel bars are perfect for hanging folded table runners. One cannot help but wonder about the men who began their day standing before its mirror, shaving their faces through the decades.

The clock just chimed noon. It's time to serve up hot bowls of chili and tortillas with freshly ironed napkins. Not! Chili stains would never come out of the linen. It's paper napkins for us today. Such a simple Saturday.