Saturday, January 3, 2009

First Saturday of 2009

There's so much to relish on a balmy January Saturday: a sunny corner on the front porch with neighbors passing by;

A great book about living the simple life;

Ginger-peach tea from a favorite cup;

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And a front row view of Mother Nature's winter offerings, but best of all: Tall Husband close by.
  • Book: Bought yesterday at a second-hand book store for $8.95: The Natural Home: Living the Simple Life, by Tricia Foley; photographs by Michael Skott; text by Jill Kirchner.
  • French vintage napkin from Em's Heart.
  • Cup: British "walking ware," from a Heights Antique concession.
  • Rocker from Bering's Hardware Store, Houston, Texas.
  • Photos taken at The Bunny Bungalow.


  1. Love the comment about Mother Nature's Offerings. We've had our share up here in the Pacific Northwest. Snow, ice and now floods. We had a tree fall right up next to our house. The next I got watch tiny birds up close and personal. Something innocent in these birds.

  2. I hope the tree didn't do damage to your house. We've been keeping up with the weather in your area; quite grim. Keep warm and safe.