Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dry Spell





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Alright, fellow Texans! Do any of you know how to do the Rain Dance? Any Zunis out there? If so, please get those feet to work and dance. This morning I searched the skies and there's not a cloud to be found. Our greenery is becoming brownery. Coastal birds are standing around the bayou looking confused, 'cause it's now nothing but a mud hole. And it's so hot that we all smell like goats after our morning walks. So, dance, dance, dance!

Note: If you're dyslexic, please don't dance, since you would probably get it backwards and do the Sun Dance.


  1. I wish I DID know a rain dance. Monday we got a tease of a couple of sprinkles over in Garden Oaks about 6:00 p.m.but it just made it steamier. I didn't even turn off the yard sprinkler I had running...if that tells you how little it rained! Plus, my AC went on the blink last night and they can't come out and fix it until tomorrow at 5:00. It's a 1.5 year old unit so it shouldn't be dying on me yet. House temp last night was 86...thank goodness I have a gameroom/art studio out back that has a window unit. whew!!!!

  2. ...and here in the North East all we have had is rain, rain, rain. I'm starting to feel moldy!! We are wondering when it will ever end.

    Tricia - Avolli

  3. Hot down here by the Texas coast too...please rain! *dancing madly*

  4. Annie - Get in the car, turn up the a/c and go to Target! Thanks for your visit - I have not posted in so long and was happy to see I have not been forgotten! And, yes, we will be doing a rain dance here in the hill country, too! It is soooo hot!!!

  5. I've given up. I just go out in the yard every morning and hold the hose like a statue.

    But I love it!


  6. mean that really works? Someone should have told us that out here in dry old California...

  7. I know! Here in Tyler it's 100 degrees in the shade most days. No rain in the foreseeable future! I won't do the dance, cause I have one foot hurt from falling in the garden. But I will send positive thoughts toward the sky!