Friday, June 26, 2009


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A funny thing happened on the way from the Porsche Dealer. I previously posted about our trip to San Antonio to pick up the only red Porsche Cayman that Tall Husband could find in Texas. When a long-time blog pal, who recently moved from Georgia to San Antonio, read the post, she realized that she had seen us in her new home town.

Tara of Design on Post commented: "Wow, I'm pretty sure I saw y'all yesterday. Were you driving down Durango near Hemisphere park around 4?"

It was indeed us, driving from the dealership, down Durango Boulevard, looking for our B&B . Even Tall Husband was impressed with those odds!


  1. Y'all will know when I'm in Texas because I'll be the one vomiting or unconscious on the sidewalk from the heat.....

    That is pretty amazing that another blogger sited you while in their town!

  2. WoW so happy for you...a porsche..that was my dream car when I was younger.
    It's nice to read someone liking rain. Getting sick of hearing all the complaints about all the rain we've had. I keep telling them there are places that would love to trade our weather.
    Enjoy the rain and the porsche.

  3. Porsche, Porsche, Porsche!

    Oh, but I love that fiery red machine. Come on up and get me, we'll go for a joyride.

    Jealous Jan

  4. The world just gets smaller and smaller, right?

    I enjoyed visiting.


  5. It most definitely is a small world!