Monday, June 22, 2009

It's Hotter Than...

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As any homeowner knows, when things begin to fail, they go in threes...if you're lucky. Well, first the valves broke on our sprinkler system over at My Ranchburger; then the built-in microwave blew; now it's the A/C at The Bungalow, during a record-breaking heatwave here in Houston.

The sprinkler system is repaired (only $300); the new microwave and oven will arrive Wednesday and be installed (just under a mere $3,000;) so today, we wait for Tom, our A/C man. We will be waiting right here on the shady end of the front porch with tall glasses of ginger-peach iced tea, praying for a cool breeze.

Wait...I hope it's not threes per house. Ooh!!! Put something stronger in our tea, Tall Husband.

P.M. Update: The A/C at The Bunny Bungalow is repaired. Tall Husband wrote the check...I didn't ask. It's so cool now!


  1. I am at the same place you are today!about the houses,the heat I wish I were!

  2. Oh no.... I hope for you sake it isn't each house either! Sending cool breezes your way.
    Hey, by the way, I saw your little bungalow in the "American Bungalow" magazine. Congrats !:)

  3. No A/C in Texas! I would consider that unacceptable at any time of the year and would have decamped promptly to a hotel. I'm a total heat wuss.

    I hope your A/C repair bill is reasonable.

  4. Oh my gosh this is a 911 emergency. It is really hot right now!