Friday, June 19, 2009


Raspberries in Nigella Lawson's tiny, 2 ounce measuring cup (one of a set.)

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An abridged quantity of berries (as Tall Husband ate most of them with his cereal this morning!)

I'm so honored; Frieda over at her wonderful, witty blog, Frieda Babbley, has tagged me.

  1. Mention the blogger who tagged you and link to his/her blog.
  2. Post three lists of eight things about you that people don't know.
  3. Tag eight of your favorite bloggers and don't forget to tell them they've been tagged.
This will be an abridged version, sort of the Reader's Digest of memes, as I'm basically a lazy person who procrastinates (Frieda tagged me almost three weeks ago!)

List#1: Things I've always wanted to do:
  1. Go to medical school.
  2. Have a second home in Paris.
  3. Visit all the famous houses designed by Philip Johnson and Mies van de Rohe.
List#2: Foods I love:

I'll eat anything, except smoked salmon and sushi. Come on guys, they discovered fire quite some time ago. Let's get cooking!

List#3: Things I love:

I am a blogger...bloggers love everything.

#1 Thing about me:
I'll come up with something tomorrow (I did tell you at the start that I'm a procrastinator.)

Tagging others:
Anyone who wants to play and have me link to them.


  1. Oh those berries look wonderful! Thank you for sharing and have a blast with the tagging fun!

  2. Send me some berries, quick! Ours aren't in season yet....

  3. Fantastic! Short n sweet, like those raspberries you're dangling in front of us! lol. I'm in complete agreement with the food thing. Total agreement. Well, I'm going to brows around your gorgeous blog now. Have a wonderful weekend. Procrastinating. Took me three weeks too, I'm close friends with the word. =D

  4. Beautiful photos ! I have those Nigella measuring cups in robin's egg blue. I love them!

  5. I love the photos of the berries, there is something about red and white! Fun to read the tag too.

  6. Killer shot of raspberries!

    And I just found out another thing we have in common, we're both pro-crastinators. But I'll contain my excitement for another time.