Thursday, June 11, 2009

Through Clenched Teeth

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Even though one might live in a romantic little bungalow, there are still the ordinary things in life, like getting one's teeth cleaned. That's on my list today. Also on the list: treating Tall Husband's New-car Fever, i.e., going with him to trade his car for a new one in another city. The new car is like a mail-order bride...he's only seen photos of her. So if he likes what he sees, the deal will be consummated.

I think I'm looking more forward to the visit to the periodontist.


  1. I relate...saw my periodontist yesterday for a two-hour surgery to repair a possibly failing implant. I now have new bone grafting and a very sore mouth, but am hopeful that my implant will probably live on! Oh, the things that make us happy these days!

  2. I hope this bone grafting is successful and that they gave you effective pain medication. Healing hugs to you, Coralie.