Thursday, June 4, 2009

Walk on the Weird Side

Weird: A strolling Black Bird was seen on South Congress Avenue in Austin's SoCo District.

You can spot signs and posters around Houston with the imperative, "Keep Austin Weird." Are the signs and posters warnings, or for recruitment of weird people?  I guess Austinites just like to think of themselves and their town as weird. Well, Tall Husband and I went to check it out. Here's what we discovered on a recent trip to Austin's SoCo District.

The patio at Hotel San Jose... looks pretty non-weird to us; however, these people are probably visitors from out of town.  So let's move on:

Jo's next door to Hotel San Jose is starting to look that Grandma Death out front there? (When my pillow decides that my hair needs to stand up and look wild, Tall Husband says, "Well, good morning, Grandma Death, " referring to a character in the psychothriller, Donnie Darko.)

At Luther's we found unique (translation: wild and weird) clothing for men and women and unique store props, like this car engine in the window, which Tall Husband immediately identified as a vintage Buick engine, then started talking cars with Luther's owner, Cory Moore who, as it turns out, owns a speed shop. Tall Husband, you're getting weird; how else would you have known all that stuff about old engines?

Blackmail, a boutique that sells black and more black, is definitely wonderfully weird. Uh-oh, I'm starting to think I would look good in that black leather strappy thing, playing that vintage Stratocaster...sort of Grandma Death goes heavy metal.

Crepes Mille

Crepes out of an that weird?

We ate here at Guero's Taco Bar and had great Tex Mex food and got in some people watching and we did see some weird ones there.

Kimber Modern, a boutique hotel is uber chic and modern. Not weird...until your spot that little silver trailer attached to their mailbox. Are they selling crepes too? Weird!

A wonderful bungalow in the Travis Heights neighborhood, just off Congress Avenue. My bunnies could be happy here. There is nothing weird here, except there isn't a bunny in sight.

Hotel Saint Cecilia is also in the SoCo area. Ditto: nothing weird here...

...until you see that albino peacock staring at you from the bar (and why do his feathers look like my hair?)

O.K. guys, you're weird. But Tall Husband and I love walking on the weird side with you!

Note: If you want to check out Austin's SoCo area for yourself, the first Thursday of each month is a good time to do so; just go to for details.

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  1. know..I was just thinking as I was reading this...that ..what some people might call wierd...others (like me) might call unique. :) So..whaddayathink? Maybe? I'm with you ...I LIKE it!

  2. I lived in Austin for two months back in the early nineties. And then the traffic was too much for me. I live in Texas, but a less dramatic town. It is a nice place to visit, but... You know what I mean.

  3. Ok, those doll heads weirded me right out! I'm not sure what to think of you in the strappy leather dress; I'm sure Tall Husband is the best judge of that!

  4. The truly weird comes out at night in Austin... Especially around Christmas time...

  5. Aw,thank you. I loved walking on the weird side with you and tall husband. What an adventure.

    And, if I ever get a chance to visit that lovely area, I'll try to be nice to Grandma Death. Notice the big, heavy purse she's carrying? I'll bet she knows how to use it too.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Hi, Dixie from French Lique just commented about how you had written on Blackmail and had to check it out since my latest post is on the same store. Maybe we were there at the same time.

  7. Mona: I agree: it's unique!

    Pop and Ice: The doll heads are pretty weird and Tall Husband went deaf when I pointed out the strappy black leather dress.

    Dixie: I knew we went to bed too early!

    Deb: Yep, only in Texas.

    Marysol: Glad you walked with us (virtually anyway.) And I hadn't noticed Grandma Death's purse. I'll have to go look at it.

    Garden Antqs Vintage: Thanks for dropping by and thanks to Dixie getting us in touch. Love your blog! (I came over for a visit and can't wait to get back.)