Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's Raining, It's Raining!

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In the event that you can't remember what it looks like, the stuff above is rain.

You all are some rainmakers...'cause it's raining! The big ole Texas skies just churned up some thick, dark clouds and emptied them on us here in Houston. It's glorious and smells heavenly. Thank all of you for your fancy rain dancing. Hope you got some of this wet stuff if you needed it.

I was about to run out into the downpour to take magical photos of my bare feet in the drenched grass, of all my wet plants, of drooping wet roses, but Tall Husband grabbed me, reminding me that my camera isn't for underwater shots; besides, lightening strikes aren't good for sensitive lenses, he went on to say. So, I tossed his umbrella out the door, shooting from the shelter of my kitchen...well you get the idea: it's raining.


  1. Not a drop of rain in garden cloudy but no water....waaahhhhhh!!!! And no ac man yet....I'm sitting here swelting and waiting. At first it was going to be 5-7 and now it's 7-9, As soon as he leaves I'm going to Seadrift with a neighbor but need to have it cool for the fur babies. :)

  2. YEAH!!!!! I hope it makes it out my way!

  3. I love being inside when it rains but in our area it has rained 75% of the time during the past two months! Still that old sweet sun comes out once in a while like today...which is awesome!

    (By the way, I have a GIVEAWAY going on...please come and sign up! Everyone is welcome!)

  4. We had major rain and 60mph winds yesterday that broke some major tree limbs at our other house (house that won't sell that is rented *arghhh!*) so now we have to pay to have the tree trimmed and to have the broken limbs sawed up and carted away. We're just thankful it didn't hit the house!

  5. Not much rain here.


    Btw, Annie, tall husband was right, lightning could've killed your camera, and let's not even discuss what it would've done to your pedicure.

    Do I dare say, "Have a Happy Summer?"

    Go ahead, shoot.

  6. It is 108 outside right now :( I'm praying that my AC stays on. When it's this hot bad things happen to it!!
    I sure wish it would rain here.