Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Tall Husband's current wheels. What's wrong with this car? Everything according to Tall Husband.
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I thought it was another woman...but no, it's worse! Tall Husband has New-Car Fever. I should have recognized the symptoms: first there were things he detested about my old Bemer sedan. Out on the road, she's not as responsive as before; she's old; her wipers squeak. Even her driver-side door squeaks.

And things weren't right between him and his own BMW Z4. Then the man who insists we do everything together says he's going shopping for shirts-without me. He mysteriously disappears for long periods of time and returns home with no shirts and a faraway look in his eyes. He spends long hours secretly surfing the Internet and on the phone.

It all came unraveled two days ago. The telephone rings; a stranger's voice asks for heart is a lump in my throat...the stranger is saying they met when Tall Husband was there at the dealership. As I hand the phone to Tall Husband, the scent of
new car assails my nostrils. Oh, no!!! He got New-Car Fever again.

So, Friday, we are heading to a distant city to do a trade for a hot little foreign number in red. Oh, poor little Z.


  1. I know the pattern too!My husbands pattern takes 3 years.We are at the beginning ,he is gining long looks to car dealerships,we are still not going in.That will come. Have fun I also say!

  2. OMG....what a great sense of humor you have! Love the Story......I think that car would look GREAT in my drive-way....I wouldn't mind the squeking doors, etc, etc....LOL!

  3. Annie - you are so funny. It must be a man thing - mine is lost looking at airplanes at the moment......give me a break. Might as well grin and bear it!

  4. I have bought both of my most recent cars while my husband was out of town. I really like to make my own decisions unfettered so I have to be sneaky.

  5. You can't have thought...OH NO! You didn't!
    That kind of fever, the kind Mr. Tall has ..well...I should send my Mr. short over so he can catch it... :)

  6. Definitely a man thing.... straight man thing. ;-) I would take a Smart car any day or a classic benz convertible!