Thursday, June 18, 2009


Home at 213 Madison, King William Area, San Antonio, Texas

What makes some of us long for old houses...the secrets held within the walls...the simplicity of their former days...the fact that they will always need our loving touch?

Is it the lush softness of mature landscapes...old touches like ironwork...things made by superior human craft?

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Could it be the inviting doors that swing wide and big front porches that pull us in, as if to give us welcoming hugs? What is it about an old house that brings on such longing?

Recent conversation:

Tall Husband: "You've got to stop falling in love with houses."

Me: "You should be glad it's only houses and not men."

Tall Husband: "Oh! And I am husband number...?"

Me: Embarrassed silence.


  1. Here's my motto: Never be embarrassed about falling love with an old house! He He! Oh, I do love all those lovely old houses. I find them everywhere we go. I, like you, wonder about all the lives that have lived within, all the secrets that they hold. (Love this post!)

  2. I love to visit the King William area in SA... there's something beautifully romantic about an old home... I'm with you on falling in love with old houses... blessings. Dixie

  3. I lived in a house that was built around a cabin that was close to 500 years old.It was so calm and serene when sitting there .It was only one room and we used it as a livingroom.
    But we chose to move,I did not think I would find another place to love,but I did,and I will again!Thankyou for the lovely comment on Torjus and his outfit!

  4. What's not to love about an old house. They have a character that a new house will never have. I know I have a new (kind of) house and it's costs a fortune to give it character.
    Fun post...

  5. I think every woman falls in love with old houses. Oh, and I'm embarrassed. But not too much to say I'm married to Number 3!

  6. I just found your site through Corey's Tongue in Cheek. I too love houses, and for a long time I thought I was a little strange to have such a fascination with them. I live in an older home in the historic area of our little city in East Texas.

    I'll be adding you to my favorites list.

    Toni in Tyler